August 15, 2020

To Elope or Not Elope?

Elopements: Simple ceremonies that are short and sweet, often done with minimal advance notice. The earliest sense of the word meant to run away or flee, which is why elopements are often viewed as secretive and sudden. 

We are seeing more elopements than ever these days, and you know what? I am TOTALLY here for it! 2020 has changed the definition of elopements. No longer looked at as a runaway wedding, elopements of today are beautiful, intimate ceremonies. While they may have been born out of necessity, they may be just what we needed to refocus on what is truly important. 

While many couples are rescheduling  their weddings, the desire to tie the knot is still present. The solution? Elopements! Invite a small number of your closest family members and friends and do what you’ve been looking forward to for so many months (or years!): Get married! Elopements are so sweet and personal. 

 Elopements don’t  require months or years of planning, but can be arranged in  just a few weeks or days. On August 15, 2020, Kristen and Ryan got married with just 10 of their closest friends and family. We planned the event in seven days. That’s right, in one week we secured the rentals, flowers, dessert, catering, and everything else you need for a beautiful and personalized  event. The location? Ryan’s family’s picturesque backyard overlooking Eagle Creek Reservoir. The weather? Perfect. Kristen wore her dream wedding dress, Ryan wore his custom tux, there was a flower girl, ringer bearer, and a playlist of the couple’s favorite songs. Ryan’s father officiated the intimate ceremony, and all of the guests stood as Kristen and Ryan tied the knot. I sent Kristen down the aisle, as I do with every bride, fixing her train and veil. It didn’t feel all that different; it felt like a special moment that this family would remember forever. 

After the ceremony, the photographer captured family photos and portraits of the couple. During cocktail hour, guests sipped on family favorite margaritas, made by the bride’s mom, and sat in the beautiful golden glow as the sun went down. Guests changed out of formal attire and put on their best  ‘garden party chic’. Everyone was comfortable and full of love and delicious Cuban food catered by Jacquie’s. The table sat 10 adults and had just the perfect amount of décor. As a wedding planner who plans events for up to 350 plus guests at times, I couldn’t help but hope that these small elopements don’t go away any time soon. Sharing that intimacy with my couple before their big reception next year is a gift, and I’ll never take it for granted. 

For the brides who are hoping to get married in a traditional church setting, it can be done! We did an elopement in a catholic church in July. The bride and groom picked an available date and, with their parents and bridal party present, got married. We celebrated Kasey and Mark’s reception with a backyard bbq and dessert bar from Kasey’s favorite bakery. It was a beautiful day filled with love, laughter and celebration.

Getting married on a piece of property or a location that is meaningful to you, as a couple, is just so special. Elopements are more popular now than ever, and whether or not you choose to enlist in the help of a wedding planner, you can have an event that is perfect for you. 

Whatever you, as a couple, decide to do, let it be a day  you will cherish forever. It may be  a small ceremony and reception now, an elopement now and a reception later, or another creative solution. . The choice is yours, and I know it will be oh-so-sweet. 



Providing our clients with a seamless wedding day is the greatest gift we can give our couples.