April 14, 2020

The Silver Lining

Six-ish weeks ago, it started to crumble. Plans with our friends, vacations, family gatherings and, you guessed it, weddings. The wedding you have been planning for almost a year and a half to two years is now being postponed to a later date. The countless hours of selecting colors and wedding parties, finding the perfect venue, selecting dresses and tuxes, even sending out those beautiful invitations all to have to rethink the wedding day you may have been imagining since you were little. The bachelorette and bachelor parties have been canceled, the bridal showers are becoming virtual, all because we cannot leave our house. 

The decision to postpone your wedding is not an easy one. I have spent many days talking through back up plans, moving vendors, having clients sign new contracts, all while being sensitive that their original wedding date is no longer able to be grasped. I think about all those countdowns and personalized gifts, you may have already received, engraved with a wedding date that will not happen. It’s the emotions of moving your perfect spring or summer wedding to fall or winter. Do the colors you have been dreaming of and those peonies you want  – will they even be available? It’s the heartache of rescheduling hotel rooms, transportation, resending out letterpress invitations with gold foil to be replaced by a digital printed postponement card because the expense may be too grand to replicate. Meetings being crunched into a shorter timeframe because we cannot leave the house and you don’t even know what the food at your reception will taste like yet. This is just one aspect of the changes we are living with as the world navigates the ‘new normal.’ But it does make me think…

Is there a silver lining?

The emotions from my clients are real, the tears are real, the decisions are hard all because they just want to get married. All of a sudden there is no talk of the Pinterst board, what it may look like to move the pastel color palette to fall, there is no trying to one up your best friend’s wedding that was supposed to be a month before yours. It’s about the marriage and what it means. 

Now, trust me, I love creating beautiful events for all my clients and coming up with out of the box ideas to make it personal. Your wedding should be unique but did the time you spent worrying about the perfect shade of blue even matter anymore? Everything has been put into a new perspective, at the end of the day you want to marry the love of your life. Now I am seeing a shift of feelings of clients who only want their significant other, their families, and knowing their commitment of spending their life together will be official. The weddings will still be beautiful and exciting but perhaps it will mean or feel different. It will be a true celebration of your love that maybe was pushed to the back burner because Pinterest got us excited about all the possibilities of what you could have. 

At the end of the day, it’s about love. Whether it is May love or October love, it’s pure love. 




Providing our clients with a seamless wedding day is the greatest gift we can give our couples.