September 9, 2018

About Me

Happy clients and a life full of humor are two traits I live by. Hi everyone, I’m Emily Foster owner and founder of Emily Ventura Designs.

I was born and raised in Indianapolis and have truly enjoyed calling this beautiful city my own! There’s just something about living in the heart of the midwest—the friendly people, the flowy, feathery fields of corn, the sticky summers and almost unbearable winters—it’s just HOME, and I love every part of it.

I didn’t venture very far when it came to college (see “love of Midwest” mentioned above, hehe). I graduated from IUPUI in 2009 with a degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology—I know, I know, this doesn’t have much to do with wedding planning, but I’ll get to that in a minute! After working in the “real world” for a little while, I felt like something was just missing in my life. I wasn’t doing what I was MEANT to be doing. I have always loved planning and organizing things and am a very business-minded person. I had even helped a couple girlfriends plan their weddings and I thought “Ok, wow, this is fun! Could I maybe do something like THIS? Like, in real life?!” … And that’s when the wedding-planning-wheels started turning!

I am a a total wooer. Seriously. According to the Clifton StrengthsFinder, “wooing” is one of my greatest qualities. If you haven’t heard of this Clifton guy, I highly suggest looking him up and discovering what your strengths are. Your mind will be blown! It’s kind of like reading your horoscope, only WAY better and crazy accurate. Anyhow, I digress. I just love to woo people ok?! I think I also just really like saying the word “woo”… Anyhow. I live to make others happy and see people shine! What better way to use my greatest strength than to make someone sparkle on the most important day of their life?! Plus, there’s just something that is so satisfying about seeing someone’s dream turn into reality before your very eyes. Then you add all of the emotions: the blushing excitement of the bride, that look on the groom’s face, the melting heart of the father-of-the-bride that you can literally see, the love that is so palpable, and the excitement of it all! So yeah, me, a wedding planner—it just made sense.

When I’m not running around like a mad woman at venues, you can find me responding to a sea of emails at my nearest watering hole, aka Hubbard & Cravens. I’ll be sipping a nice venti black coffee with a splash of soy (hot or iced depending on the season, naturally) and daydreaming about sailing or lazy river floats. This is how I spend most days. No, not daydreaming! Geez. Drinking coffee and responding to emails! It’s actually kind of an obsession—but it hasn’t gotten unhealthy yet, so I think I’m good. For now…

Of course, I couldn’t write a cheesy “about me” blog post without mentioning just a few individuals that make my world go ’round. Namely, my husband Austin, who is my number one fan and biggest supporter! Ours is a modern love story—I’m sure you’ve heard it before… we met on Bumble, we swiped right, we fell in love. Simple and perfect. And because I had been planning weddings for some time, when it came to planning ours, I was like “Ok Emily, let’s DO this!” Well, 45 days later, the knot was tied! So, side note: if you get engaged and have a short timeline to work with, I might be just your gal. I can take you from zero to sixty, err, forty-five, without even batting an eye! Cheesy joke, I know. Speaking of cheese, that brings me to my next favorite individual: Gene Parmesan. Austin might be my main man, but Gene is my Maine Coon—cat that is. And then there’s my puppy, Watson. His marshmallowy fluffiness just makes me melt! I love my fur babies desperately, but I certainly don’t spoil them. Just ask my dog walker or the people at Three Dog Bakery or the gal at Groomingdales—minimal spoilage going on there.

Well my sweets, enough about me, tell me about YOU!




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